Monday, May 10, 2010

Memories and Stories of Polish-Salem Neighborhood

Welcome to all who have memories of growing up and living in the Polish-Salem neighborhood . We have formed a group of people who are interested in telling the story and history we all share and would like to compile these stories and reminiscences of life involving the stores, the schools, the churches, Derby St., Derby Wharf, the House of Seven Gables, Smiths Pool, Salem Willows, Salem Common , St.Josephs Hall , Falcons Hall and all the many different organization that make up this area. Whatever comes to mind to recreate and relive the many different experiences you had being part of this large area . The traditions and the friendships that existed then and still exist.
We are reaching out to all those who have moved away and those who still live in the neighborhood. Please join us and share your stories.
We are working with the Salem Maritime National Park Service and are volunteering our time to create this project. A great deal of help and work has already been extended by the NPS and an ongoing relationship has been created.
Please come join us !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is a new blog page which is created to gather information that can be part of the Polish Neighborhood history. Please join us to help tell our history